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Where and why Care For You started….

Care For You was established in 2004 to provide the best Spinal & Acquired Brain Injury care, NOT to be the biggest care provider. We only recruit and train the best people. Our track record of care is exceptional, we have delivered more than 1,151,000+ shifts and no client has ever been without care !

As the Founder of Care For You, I am reminded daily of the extraordinary dedication, commitment, and level of compassion our team members demonstrate, not only to those they provide for, but also to the benefit of the Team. It is both a personal and professional privilege to be able to provide them the support and resources they need to to attend to those for which they have dedicated their hearts and souls.

To all members of the Care For You Team, I say, “Thank you for everything you do.” 

Ric Martin

Care For You has the most current quality accreditation – AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015

In July 2007 we embarked on our quality journey with the aim of making our services even better.

It was a valuable experience and every year after we are independently audited and have successfully maintained our accredited to the International quality standard: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015

We are proud to have achieved certification against the DHHS: Department of Health & Human Services Standards on 8th April 2013 for the “Provision of Personal Services to Clients with Spinal Cord and/or Brain Injury”

Care For You has the most specific/relevant accreditation possible within our industry in Australia.


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